I am a doctoral student researcher at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (expected graduation: 2022).

Advisors: Laura Dabbish and Jason I. Hong.

My thesis-directed research lies in the human factors of cybersecurity. I am establishing a novel and significant body of work in understanding how people's security attitudes and social environments weigh in their decision to adopt - or not adopt - secure behaviors (such as sharing passwords securely or ignoring UX cues to scams and "fake news").

Current project: Social Cybersecurity. We apply social influence and gamification techniques to boost adoption of end user security tools and best practices. This is sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation under grant no. CNS-1704087.

In 2018-19, I created the SA-6 security attitude scale. SA-6 is a six-item, self-report measure of a person's engagement with and attentiveness to cybersecurity measures. You are free to use it with attribution.

Recent news:

  • I recently appeared with fellow CMU grad student Tom Magelinski at Bytes of Good Live, organized by Hack4Impact, where we talked about our Social Cybersecurity research and what we know of careers in cybersecurity. The recording is available on YouTube.
  • I am preparing a thesis proposal and plan to conduct research this summer. I will go on the academic job market in Fall 2021/Winter 2022. Watch this space!